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8 Ways to Honor Your Angel This Thanksgiving

The first holiday after losing someone you love is devastating. So many questions run through one's mind. How do I behave? How do I dress? How do I react? How do I speak? What do I say if someone makes me uncomfortable--more uncomfortable than I already am? Bearing a smile becomes a huge feat. How do I honor my loved one in the midst of my heart-wrenching pain?

Nevertheless, the holidays creep upon us. Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and we must find a way to cope. Here are a list of ways to honor the memory of your angel :

  1. Light a special candle or lamp in memory of your angel.

  2. Plant a tree or flower to serve as a reminder of how special your angel is.

  3. Join a health walk or run. Create a team name in honor of your angel.

  4. Donate food to a food pantry or work at a soup kitchen to support the spirit of charity. Giving to others feeds one's soul.

  5. Release balloons or lanterns with a special hand-written note to your angel

  6. Make a special dish or dessert to put a smile on the face of others. Smiles are contagious.

  7. Create a memorial table or centerpiece for your angel.

  8. Cry if you need to. Be patient with yourself and others. Celebrate time, love, and fellowship.

*Image Courtesy of Still Mothers

Can you think of any other ways to honor your angel after reading this post? Comment below. To read "Semblance of a Footprint: A Collection of Intimate Poetry & Strategies for Healing After the Loss of an Unborn or Newly Born Child." by Author Carlo L'Chelle Dawson, order your copy here: https://*

Carlo is an author, motivational speaker, storyteller, singer/songwriter, dramatist, and more. She loves to inspire, motivate, and uplift! Become a member of the Semblance of a Footprint Infant Loss & Pregnancy Group here:

You may follow her on FB at @carlolchelledawson or connect on Twitter and Instagram @carlolchelle

And, did we mention that her weakness is a yummy donut or funnel cake, but she's being healthy, so salads are her best friends!


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