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Workshop & Storytelling Experiences

The Missing Voice Arts Integration Clip

(video created by Joshua Danztler)

The Missing Voice One-Woman Show Sampler

(video created by Keundra Winfield)

Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I A Woman" Monologue Reenactment

Workshop & Storytelling Experiences

Provided Soundtrack for "By the Sweat of Our Brows"

Soundtrack Teaser(video created by Keundra Winfield)

Pandemic Interview

Juneteenth African American Cultural Expertise

ETV Juneteenth Documentary

BBC World News Juneteenth Feature

Promotion of Juneteenth-Rock Hill, Inc.

Kitty Wilson-Evans Tribute featuring  Carlo L'Chelle Dawson


Little Tikes Commercial

"The Time Is Now" Featured on the CofC Sampler


Grief Journey news story through featuring song and book

Performing Spirituals at Brattonsville

More about Carlo L'Chelle Dawson

Book Carlo L'Chelle Dawson to bring her stories & other classic tales to life!  

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