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Dear Grieving Parent

If you found yourself here, it's because you felt like I did when I lost a child. Who can I run to? Who understands me? What will I do now? How will I make it? In 2006, I loss my baby to a stillbirth and the pain still hurts. Not quite in the same way, yet the pain still stings. However, I learned so much over the years, and I have learned that I went through my loss, so others can gain. I created this blog in honor of my baby boy Cade to serve as a way to help grieving parents to deal with the loss of a baby.

In this blog, I will share epiphanies, scriptures, words of wisdom, resources, and grieving techniques to assist you. My son would have been, so this blog is in honor of him. God speaks in the little things. On February 28, 2015, I checked my email and saw a message with the subject line "Cade". As I opened the email, it ended "Cade is still interested in playing." This touched me so deeply because the name of my first born child, who is in heaven, is Cade. I emailed back to the person, and the person emailed, "Oops sorry wrong person"...but, I know the message was for me. I thought to myself, "My dear son, Cade, Mommy is always here to play with you. " But, more importantly, I knew it was time for me to start this blog to help parents, especially mothers, who have lost a baby. It is time for me to keep playing. Over the years, I have given advice to friends and strangers who have lost babies. And, after receiving that email from which I believe was from my son, was the sign to launch this blog. This blog is Cade's Playground.

Carlo is an author, motivational speaker, storyteller, singer/songwriter, dramatist, and more. She loves to inspire, motivate, and uplift! Become a member of the Semblance of a Footprint Infant Loss & Pregnancy Group here:

You may follow her on FB at @carlolchelledawson or connect on Twitter and Instagram @carlolchelle

And, did we mention that her weakness is a yummy donut or funnel cake, but she's being healthy so salads are her friends!

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