August 11, 2017

My phone is "dying". The project is "aborted"...

When one loses a baby or child(ren), words become more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine. It's amazing how life changes in the "blink of an eye" and through the traumatic experience of infant loss, I am no longe...

December 24, 2016

It's the 10th year without your charming smile

It's the 10th year without your angelic scent

It's the 10th year without your tiny embrace

It's the 10th year with your guiding spirit

It's the 10th year with your spell-binding wisdom

It's the 10th year with your infinite love


December 22, 2015

Today marks 9 years that my firstborn was born and died via stillbirth. I remember his little tiny face and hands and tiny lifeless body swallowed by his baby gown even now. His tiny feet barely even made a semblance of a footprint on his footprint card. I remember ret...

August 30, 2015


How do we honor the lost of a precious life?  When I lost my baby, I didn't know how I would continue to live.  However, over the years, there are many things I have done to commemorate my dear sweet baby Cade, yet I would like to share one powerful moment with you....

April 11, 2015




"My son died too."  I remember the first Easter I celebrated after my son died through stillbirth.  All I did was cry because I realized, I TRULY UNDERSTOOD the pain, of God's son DYING on the cross. I watched the movie "Finding Nemo" and wailed because Nemo's fathe...

March 22, 2015

This past Thursday was a huge success. As the Creative Writing teacher at my school, I hosted a school-wide poetry slam, and I couldn't have asked for a program to run more smoothly. The talent of the students was unparalleled.  The spirit in the room was electric and...

March 15, 2015

Once I lost my baby through stillbirth, I had tough decisions to make.  Would we tell anyone? I mean, everyone could tell I no longer had a big belly.  Would I return to work? What would I say to people? How would I go on? Would we try to have another baby? Would we ha...

March 7, 2015

If you found yourself here, it's because you felt like I did when I lost a child.  Who can I run to? Who understands me?  What will I do now? How will I make it? In 2006, I loss my baby to a stillbirth and the pain still hurts.  Not quite in the same way, yet the pain...

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