Why We Celebrate: The Rich Legacy of Juneteenth

Why do we celebrate Juneteenth? What is Juneteenth? Why should we learn about this holiday that is celebrated across the 50 states.  Carlo L'Chelle Dawson's beautifully written & illustrated children's book explains the answers to the aforementioned questions and offers information about African American historians, inventions, Juneteenth celebration ideas and activities. Join two children as they take

this journey through American history.  Order your copy TODAY!


Twelve years ago, Author Carlo L'Chelle Dawson thought she would not live to see another day. How did she get through the pain of losing her first-born? Poetry. Poetry and her relationship with God have always been her saving grace. And, through the pain of child loss, "Semblance of a Footprint"

was birthed. 

To grieving mothers, Carlo asserts, "You are not alone in the grieving process...Poetry saved me.  And, I hope it can save you too. Comfort you. And heal you."  In her book "Semblance of a Footprint",  Author Carlo L'Chelle Dawson, encourages grieving mothers and their families through beautifully written poetry, strategies, & scriptures for healing and comfort.

Excerpt from the "Semblance of a Footprint" from the poem "Circles"

All material is copyrighted. It is not to be reproduced without permission.

The ultrasound technician swirls around the gelatinous goo
on the basketball shaped belly
as she attempts to get the usually active baby to move, kick,
or punch in his typical style.

Mom: (laughingly) Today he’s so calm. He must be sleeping
(she dreams of her baby sleeping in her arms, wrapped in warm linen,
perfumed with the sweet baby smell she used to wish for as a pig-tailed
little girl while playing with her baby dolls...."

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Daring Dave: Who is Dave the Potter?

Who is Dave the Potter? Was he simply an enslaved artist and writer, or did his pottery and his poetry offer the world more?  In honor of the reach history of America, learn about Dave Drake’s brave background as he created poetry and pottery in South Carolina in Daring Dave: Who is Dave the Potter?  Order your copy TODAY!


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