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Book Carlo today for school or Library storytelling


children and masks

children and masks



Carlo is the consummate edutainer.

She believes learning can be engaging,

educational, yet challenging. Her presentation

s include interactives, crafts, & more!

She will present on such topics:

  1. Brer Rabbit Tales

  2. Anansi the Spider Tales

  3. Juneteenth

  4. Cultural Oral History

  5. Solo Performance

  6. Storytelling

  7. Poetry Writing

  8. Creative Writing

  9. Playwright Techniques

  10. Creative Dramatics

  11. Song-writing tips

  12. Story-writing tips

  13. African American History Month

  14. Women's History Month

  15. Children's Theatre

  16. Personalized Topics are offered.


For Speaking Engagements,

Complete the Speaker Request form, so Carlo can best meet your needs.

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